SAP Case Study

Bottling line at a brewery.

Name of Company: Molson Coors
Industry: Brewery
Company Overview:  Molson Coors is a beer company and distributor that brews the world's favorite beer brands. They've been delighting the world's drinkers for centuries.
ERP Version: SAP
Training Strategies: high-end eLearning with video and actors, Classroom Training Materials, Supervisor / Coaching Materials, Job Aides/ Documentation, SAP Training Portal
Training Tools Used:  Captivate and Final Cut
Translation Required: Yes- French Canadian

TIA Value Provided:  Molson Coors Needed an end-to-end training partner for multi-year projects, New Hire Manager Training, International Beer Ordering, and SAP ERP implementation project into 3 countries for more than 3000 end users. We developed a hi-end WBT with an avatar guide for front line Supervisors including custom scenarios and knowledge checks.  We started with Current State and mapped key business processes and local HR practices, then leveraged TIA’s library of user task documentation to quickly create storyboards and prototypes.  We easily created custom courses based on their end user community and included local HR practices.  Classroom training curriculum, self-paced eLearning and on-going end user support documentation was provided.

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