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Our Complete Training Needs Assessment:

TIA completes Training Needs Assessments for most projects – to ensure the learners have a program that meets the needs and training goals of our clients. And we have analyzed, designed, and built numerous Client-University models.

TIA’s adult learning approach assumes your employees have knowledge and experience.  Our job is to create the environment in which the interviewee wants to share information.  Also, our job is to structure the interview and our interviewing techniques to gain common types of information as well as insights for the entire interview sample.  It is easy to ask people questions and record findings.  However, it is not easy to structure the discussions to get the information needed and promote an openness that allows people to want to tell you the underlying reasons for their answers.  TIA’s proven TNA approach allows the interviewee:

  • To understand who we are and why we are asking the questions
  • To engage in the discussion without fear of reprisal or not knowing the correct answers
  • To reflect on what was really needed in the training
  • To reflect on what is needed in the training
  • To have time and structure boundaries to respect their time
  • To have fun in the conversation

Our suggested high-level TNA Project Plan is.

1.         Project Kickoff & Research Plan Development

2.         Research Sessions and Interviews & Complete Analysis

3.         Presentation of Results and Findings

For a more in-depth view of what TIA’s typical Training Assessments includes, watch our informative video describing our process: