TIA change management efforts define and achieve performance metrics targets, ensuring your Return on Investment (ROI), and mapping to quality or industry benchmarks. The collaborative, cross-functional methods TIA employs ensures your organization understands, owns, and embraces the change. Services include:

  • Best Practices/Software Selection - We research the best practices in the specified field and bring those to the table for your review. Software selections include Learning Management Systems (LMS), and eLearning Authoring Tools, such as UPK and Captivate.
  • Custom Business Process Design - TIA's strength is mapping business processes. We work with you to design the optimal business processes that best fits your business goal and objectives. The deliverable maps showcase information architectures as well as workflow and relationships with data.
  • Change Management & Communication - Preparing stakeholders for change, measuring resistance, and creating messages are vital to preparing your organization for change. Communication programs include diverse media such as meetings, posters, emails, voicemail, newsletters, portals, social networking, and multimedia presentations.